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Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection

Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection was established in 1981, with the responsible institution of China Association for Science and Technology, as well as the sponsor of Chinese Medical Association. Its editorial department is affiliated to National Institute for Radiation Protection, China Center for Disease Control and Prevention.
The aim of the Journal is to keep to the policy of the Party and the State regarding health service, carry out the principles of integrating theory with practice, and combine popularization with elevation, document major advances in the field of radiological medicine and protection in Chine, and promote the development of nuclear energy at home and abroad, and the international exchange of academic information.
The readership of the Journal includes specialists, teaching and research professionals, postgraduate students in universities and research institutes, radiotherapists, and physicians in the field of radiological medicine and protection, and personnel engaged in radiation protection, monitoring, and management. The Journal covers the accomplishments of science and technology in biological effects of ionizing radiation, clinical studies, radiotherapy, radiation hygiene, radiation protection and management, environmental radioactivity monitoring, medical emergency response in nuclear accident, and radiation dosimetry, and also clinical therapeutic and managerial experiences.
The published research papers reaching advanced level at home are increasing in proportion year by year. Internationally, the papers published in this Journal are indexed by a number of scientific information retrieval periodicals, such as International Nuclear Information System (INIS), Chemical Abstract (CA), Biological Abstract (BA), JICSI(Japan) and Applied Health Physics Abstracts and Notes (England). And, the published literature is also covered by an array of scientific information data banks, such as China Scientific Citations Data Bank (Information Center of Academia Sinica), Catalog of Chinese Scientific and Technological Literature (Medicine) (Institute of Medical Information, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences), Chinese Academic Periodicals Compact Disc Edition (National Engineering Research Center), and WANFANG Data. According to the statistical data obtained from China Scientific Citations Data Bank, the Chinese Journal of Radiological Medicine and Protection, beginning in 1996, ranks among the first 100 of 500 cited Chinese periodicals of natural science and technology. And, this Journal has been selected as a nucleus periodical since 1992 by Faculty of Library Science, Peking University, and as a statistical periodical source by China Scientific Citations Data Bank and China Scientific and Technological Papers and Citations Data Bank (Institute of Information, Ministry of Science and Technology).
The Journal won the Second Prize for Excellent Academic Periodicals awarded by China Association for Science and Technology in 1997, and won twice the Prize for Excellent Periodicals at the 80th and 85th? anniversaries of the founding of Chinese Medical Association. A number of editors were awarded various prizes for editors.

National Institute for Radiological Protection, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention
2 Xinkang Street, Dewai, Beijing 100088, China